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The story starts off with SONIC sitting in the green hill zone on a mountain top watching the ocean waves coming in. Not knowing what was happing on the other side of the ocean. The Dark Army- secret orginazation determined at world domination was gathering some of the strongest warriors from around the world to join them. Back at the green hill zone as sonic was preparing to head home the sky started to turn dark. He looked up into the sky and saw a huge battleship rising over the cliff in the sky. Dang, this is'nt good", Sonic said with a frown. Suddenly a huge beam fired from the ship stright at sonic. Sonic quickly jumped out the way just as the beam struck the cliff. Sonic looked up at the ship and watched as it headed for the Midnight realm. This can not be good, if there headed there that means....Zero," Sonic said as he ran off toward the Midnight realm. While at the Midnight realm Zero was quietly guarding the computer core of the city. Just as he was about to leave a dark ooze-like portal opened in front of him. Slowly a girl stepped out of the Portal. "Heh, so this is the computer room to the Midnight realm", she said with a smile. "Wha, who are you" Zero said. "Oh come now zero cutie thats not important right now", the girl said as she walked closer to zero. Zero pulled out his energy sword. "Stay back and tell me who you are" he yelled. "Well if you really want to know that bad....i guess i could tell you" she said with a grin. Suddenly another portal opened beside her and a septer fell out. She bent over to pick it up. "Before I do anything I want you tell me something the girl said. "What is it" Zero said. "Do you think im cute." Zero was striken with shock by this question. "I....I dont know" he said blushing. The girl frowned. "Well fine then, how about i blow up this entire city starting with the core that runs it", she said pointing her septer at one of the main computers. Suddenly Sonic bust through the doors to the core. "Zero we got trouble". Another portal started to open beside the girl, suddenly metal sonic stepped out of it. Sonic stopped and stared in horror at Metal. "Well how long has it been, Little brother" Metal Sonic said in his cold mechincal voice. "Not long enough" Sonic yelled in anger as he charged Metal. "Humph, Im bored now Metal" the girl said as she leaned on him. "You can handle this right" she said with a smile. "Yes, dont worry, i shall end this quickly". "Good", the girl said in a happy voice. "Then I'll see you back at the base" she said as another portal started to open up. She stepped inside the portal, "Oh no you dont" Zero said as he ran towards the portal. Sonic who was now upon Metal tried to punch him but Metal grabbed him by the arm. "Brother you should know by now you will never be able to defeat me", Metal said. "You could'nt even save our sister you sorry excuse for a living creature". Tears were now streaming down Sonics face. "Shut up", "You know it was'nt my fault", Sonic yelled. Metal Sonic than slung Sonic at Zero knocking both into a wall. Sonic tried to get up but could not. "I would stay down if I were you", Metal said. As another portal started to open Metal stepped inside. "Oh yes, Almost forgot" Metal said as he fired a beam at the computer core". "Choas Control"! The beam suddenly turned and struck metal in the chest knocking him into the portal. The portal closed and shadow steppted up from behind it as it closed. "Looks like I made it just in time" Shadow said with a smile. "Yea you did" Zero said. "Why are they doing all this" Sonic said angerly. "I dont know the sudden attack but that does not matter we have to stop them" , Zero said. "They have already started attacking other towns and cities nearby" Shadow said. "So i headed this why to see what was happening." The huge battleship started to head toward the Hidden palace zone. "Ha, so thats what they were after then" Sonic said with a smile. "The choas emeralds." "Well this shows whatever they are going to do is going to take the emeralds power to do it. "Alright guys looks like we have our work cut out for us" sonic said. "Good I need some practice again" shadow laughed. "Then what are we waiting for" Zero yelled, "Lets get going". At the hidden palace the dark army finally started to reveal their plans. "Ah so these are the legendary choas emeralds" a figure said as he looked at the glowing gems sparkling with power. "Yes General Elipse these are indeed the choas emeralds" one of the soilders said. "Good then gather them up and move out troops" Elipse said. "We have no time to fool around here". "Oh but we have all day" Sonic said. Elipse turned to face sonic and the gang. "Ah so your the heroes Metals told so much about" Elipse said with a smile. "Yea and were not going to let you take those emeralds. "Oh come now you know you can't defeat me, your just to weak". Super Forms, Shadow and Sonic yelled. As their bodies rose into the air they started to turn yellow and glow with energy. "Now were going to kick your sorry butt" Shadow laughed. "Zero!" Sonic yelled, "Go ahead and stop the troops". "All right, hurry and catch up" Zero yelled back. "How funny thinking you still can beat me" Elipse said. "I'll show you" shadow yelled as he started to charge Elispe but Soinc stopped him. "Stay back and let me handle this shadow". "NO!" "I have as much right to fight him as you do" Shadow yelled angerly! "Stay back" Sonic yelled as he flew at elipse. "Choas Portal" Elipse said with a smile". "Wha" Sonic said as he flew into the dark portal. "Sonic", Shadow yelled! "Dark Blast" elipse yelled as he blasted the floor beneath shadow, knocking away his super form as he fell into the hole. "Now if you dont mind I have more important things to do then waste my time here" Elipse said as he started to walk away smiling.
A little sonic/megaman fan-fic i started.
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